Beautiful lady without arms demonstrates how she drives her car

Gone are the days when people with disability looked down upon themselves, thinking they are not capable of helping themselves or enjoying the pleasures of life.

As the world evolves, more and more disabled persons are rubbing shoulders with their able-bodied counterparts in almost everything.

A young beautiful woman identified on TikTok as @itskashimere1′ has no arms at all and could have decided to give up on herself and probably hire a personal driver if she is financially capable but she chose to drive herself without arms.

In a viral video,the pretty lady demonstrated how she uses her feet to drive her car to show the world that her disability is not an obstacle.

The woman uses her left feet to turn the knob on the steering wheel and also control the steering gears.

She uses her right foot to control the pedals and she demonstrated how she drives on a daily basis on a busy road to her TikTok followers.

Watch the video below:

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