Funny As Slay Queen’s Fake Duna Falls In Public

A local Instagram Slay queen has gotten the internet buzzing with laughter and reactions after her fake butt fell during a dance at a friend’s party.

The lady in question was at a party, clad in a short, nicely-fitting army green dress and white sneakers. She was waltz dancing with a man on the dance floor where other couples were also rocking it while a group of onlookers stood nearby.

Smartly dressed as she was, only one thing looked extremely weird. The slay queen’s bum was looking unnaturally structured. It appears the slay queen had her fake bums fall during her happy moment and social media is in stitches.

As expected, netizens reacted:

“So when she is wearing that, and she gets to attract a guy according to her plan, what’s gonna happen why they get to bed she gonna start by explaining first.”

“The buuty requires Rebooting.”

“a qu!cky was disturbed and she didn’t finish wearing her panties or she was peeing and didn’t get the panties to her waist”

“I have been with someone who had those coaches to sit on 😆🤣😂you think you gonna eat 6 piece bucket meantime it’s a bucket for one 😆🤣😂😹😆🤣😂”

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