Great News! COVID-19 Vaccines Finally Arrives In Ghana

The coronavirus has been a worldwide disaster which has brought about derailing economies, increase in mortality rates and other negative effects as a result. Abilities to get a vaccine to help cure this pandemic was never expected to be easier but there’s finally been some good news.

In the late hours of Tuesday, 23rd February 2021, it was announced that Ghana will finally get the first consignment of the COVID-19 vaccines on 24-02-2021, Wednesday.

This was said in a press release by the Ministry Of Health and shared on their official social media handles, it read “

Vaccines arrives at the Kotoka International Airport on 24/02/21”


Most countries are under lockdown and Ghana was predicted to also go under another lockdown since 2020 as active cases of the virus kept increasing.

The fact that the vaccine is finally in, has to be something to be jubilant about.

Hopefully, it works out perfectly and we get to defeat this worldwide pandemic and get back to normal times.

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