How To Create Your Own WhatsApp Stickers

Surprise your friends. Let your creativeness fly and graph exciting stickers for WhatsApp with this free application.

Without a doubt, the arrival of stickers on WhatsApp has definitely modified the way we speak with buddies and family. Thanks to them, we can higher specific thoughts and add greater enjoyable contact to chats.

On the internet, there is an infinity of decal programs with exclusive themes, from films and series to iconic characters from pop culture. However, there is nothing like having a customized series to our liking.

Therefore, right here we share a free software that will assist you to create your personal stickers for WhatsApp with any photograph you have on your smartphone, with the opportunity of including a range of emojis, text, and effects.

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How to create custom stickers?

The application in question is Wemoji and is available through the Google Play Store . Once you have it installed on your smartphone , click on the Create sticker button and choose the photo you want to transform.

The image editor will automatically open. You can crop the file with the freehand function or with the help of the default cut in the shape of a circle or square. Next, it’s time to customize the sticker .

The application offers a series of tools to add different elements to the image, such as emojis, text and accessories (glasses, hat or beard). When you have it ready, click on the Save button and add it to a collection.

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