[email protected] Queen In Critical Condition After Her ‘But.t0cks’ $urgery Went Wrong [WATCH NOW]

Unlucky Ghanaian slay queen in critical condition which is currently going viral on the internet has got a lot of people talking and praying for the young lady.

The beautiful slay queen allegedly had her but.t0cks $ur.gery but unsuccessful according to reports which have got parts of her but.t0cks wrapped in medical plasters as she cries uncontrollably in the hospital.

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Having a curvy body has become one of the fashion trends among many ladies of today. Even though gaining such shapes among ladies started a very long time ago but due to the media, it has become easier for a lot of ladies to engage in it as they see them on television today without knowing the side effects.

Some use the gym to gain the required shape they want but using this means seems slow and doesn’t give quick results according to most ladies. Those who want quick results go for surgery in order to get quick results.

There are various types of $ur.gery performed on ladies to gain the curvy body they want. The types include butt life, implant, and augmentation. Am sure this lady went for one of these $ur.geries listed above.

Unfortunately for this beautiful Ghanaian slay queen, it has not been easy for her after she allegedly had one of those butt $ur.geries.

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After a short term of flaunting her newly acquired curvy in a video, she has been admitted to the hospital in a critical condition which may even cut her life short as her $ur.gery went wrong.

Kindly watch the video below;

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