7 Signs That Tells Your GirlFriend Is ‘Ch£ap’ As A Match Box [SEE NOW]

When a woman is ch£ap, it means that any man can easily get her. It also means that men would not struggle to access her. It is very bad to associate the word ‘ch£ap’ with a woman. However, there are characters that define a lady as a cheap woman.

  1. When a woman doesn’t call you to thank you after sending her an airtime card. This shows how ch£ap the woman is, she is only interested in the little money she could get from you.

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2. Whenever a woman easily gives her number out to any man that stops them on the road. This shows that the girl is ch£ap. Girls are supposed to do ‘shakara’ before a man can get their number.

3. When she easily follows any man that stops her on road to an eatery. Most girls are like this, this is a sign that a girl is ch£ap. Girls with high standards and morals know that it is wrong to visit an eatery with any stranger that comes her way.

4. When a girl easily collects a gift from a stranger, then it is a sign of being cheap. There are women who hardly collect gifts from people they don’t know.

5. Whenever a girl allows any man to touch her anyhow, then she is a cheap girl. Women with high standards can never allow a man to touch them, except they are into a relationship.

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6. If your woman keeps on asking you for money, in the sense that she’s independent of you, then any time you stop giving her, she will definitely ask other guys to give her the money & this shows she’s cheap.

7. If your girlfriend always wants what other girls want & not what you give to her. It shows she’s not contented & she might have been getting a lot of gifts from other guys too. And lastly, if your woman steals from you, just consider her very cheap. If she needs anything, she’s supposed to ask you & not just stealing from you.

These are some of the signs that show you that your girlfriend/woman might be cheap. You might want to contribute to these signs. Just go ahead do that!


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