UPSA Students Skipping Lectures Due To Closure of Hostel Elevator

The Unidentified level 100 student is an occupant in one of the school’s hostel and unfortunately found him/herself on the 7th floor. With the students having no idea why the elevator has been shut down, there is no option other than using the tiring staircase which is actually becoming a great concern for them.

This problem according to the write-up is gradually making them feel lazy to attend lectures or go out in search of food.

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I’m a level 100 student of UPSA and Have accommodated a place in the school’s hostel knowing it comfortable. I’m on the 7th floor of Mandela hall and can you believe we use the staircase instead of an elevator in the school? Upon all the money we paid. It’s even makes it difficult for one to go to class and even go get food” part of the writeup reads

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