We are Coming Home; Please Hide Your Husbands – Shs Girls Warn Married Women[+Video]

A group of beautiful SHS girls in a video has warned married women to hide their husbands and keep them safe because they are vacating and will soon come home and start breaking homes.

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In the video , that has the four SHS girls shows them detailing how they will spend their staycation in the house.

Instead of saying something more fruitful, they said they are only coming home to break homes and so wives should keep their husbands safe and even hide them if possible.

In their exact words, they said;

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“Call your mom and tell her the SHS students are coming back, so everyone should hide her husband in the room.”

As usual, netizens would not chance upon such a video without reacting.

It has been more of a mixed feeling after the video popped up.

Watch the video below;


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